Amiga Development System and Sage IV (esp Idris)

David W. Erhart daviderhart at
Tue Jun 24 12:02:27 CDT 2008

>"David W. Erhart" wrote:
>>The Sage IV that I just received uses the Idris OS (Unix clone) and it
>>included the full Idris set of install diskettes and documentation (or so it 
>>appears) for the Sage IV.
>I've been hunting for Idris files (for any machine) for a while; if you
>can image those disks I'd love to get a copy.  I've never seen anything
>about Idris on the web, sadly.

There's an entry in Wikipedia about Idris at:

A scan of the Idris User Guide is on my FTP site at:

I'll try to get scans of the other three Idris manuals soon, as well as diskette images using Dave Dunfield's ImageDisk program.


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