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David Griffith dgriffi at
Wed Jun 25 23:15:34 CDT 2008

Here's a list of stuff I can get at right now that I'm offering for trade.
Right now I'm hankering for a PDP-11/70 front panel.

* Several luggables: Osborne Executive, Compaq 1, Kaypro 10, and perhaps
others.  Most need work in some way or another.

* Lots of S100 cards; I can check for something specific.  I know I
have a couple video cards left.

* Several S100 chassis, some supposedly ready to boot and go.  Most of
them are "California Computer Systems".  There's a Northstar Horizon in
there somewhere.

* Several 8-inch floppy drives, some in single and dual chassis; others

* Lots of lightly-used 8-inch floppies.

* A couple metric oodles of S100 docs.  If you drive into town I'll
stuff your car (or van) with them if you promise to go through them and
digitise those that need it.

* A Zenith composite monitor.

* A tiny (5 inches) IBM composite monitor.

* Pieces of an Intel MDS.

* An AT&T 3b1 with keyboard and mouse that I like but not enought to
really play with it.

* A CRT-ish thing the size of a bar fridge that suggests a field-portable
radar display.

* A big hunk of aluminum with a wheel on it.  No idea what it is.  Maybe
it'll make a nice clock.

* Some 5.25" MO disks.

David Griffith
dgriffi at

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