13W3 -> 3 BNC

Ray Arachelian ray at arachelian.com
Sat May 3 09:50:37 CDT 2008

Alexandre Lagüe-Jacques wrote:
> What a pain...  My original DEC 1702906-01 (3W3 -> 3 BNC) cable broke 
> and I needed a replacement.  I found one on eBay so I bought two.  
> Instead, the seller sent me a 13W3 to 3 BNC!!!  (Where the hell does 
> that thing come from???) 

13W3's were used with Sun, SGI monitors.  I think NeXT may have used 
those connectors, or something very similar to those.

http://pinouts.ru/cgi-bin/view_filt.cgi?text=3W3&lang=eng says that IBM 
PowerPC machines also used this.

If I remember right, the 13W3 monitors weren't interchangeable, and if 
you used a converter, you needed to make sure that your monitor would 
sync up to the computer.
Sun for example was notorious for using fixed-sync monitors that 
wouldn't work with anything but their machines.

What's funny is that they usually OEM'ed their monitors from, say Nokia, 
or Sony, and you could see another non-Sun branded monitor from the 
other two vendors which would be multisync and would work with almost 
everything, but the Sun branded ones wouldn't.  :-)

I'm glad that era is over.

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