HP Integral PC Manuals

Rik dr.emiel at xs4all.nl
Sat May 3 17:22:27 CDT 2008

I'll make some pictures one of the next days, and mail them to you.
How big is your mailbox ;-)
But as I recall, there are two rows of connectors.
I'm not sure but ypu 'll see when I made the pictures.
I've another Integral on its way (seapost) from downunder, bought it because 
it has the basic rom and serialcard.


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>> The roms on my integral are HP-UX V1.0 and uses both pcb's for HP-UX I
>> suppose they used smaller roms in the first version or HP-UX V1.0 takes 
>> more
>> place.
> Is it the same PCB? haev V5.0 in my Integrals, and the daugherboard
> connectors are 2 row things (I think 2 rows of 10 pins each), a plug at
> one end of the PC, a socket at the other, so that the daughterboard can
> only fit one way round. But I am sure I've een a picutre of an Itengral
> ROM module PCB on one of the websites which appears to have SIL
> connectors for the daughterboard.
> As regards using smaller ROMs, the ROM select decoding is, IIRC, on the
> Logic A PCB, with 4 chip select lines being fed to the ROM module. [Each
> line enales 2 ROMs, the high and low bytes of the 16 bit word]. Anyway,
> if you used smaller ROMs, unless you changed things on the Logic A PCB,
> the ROM would not be a contiguous block, whihc would seem to be a Bad 
> Thing.
> -tony

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