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Steve Robertson steerex at ccvn.com
Sun May 4 17:15:11 CDT 2008

On Sun, 2008-05-04 at 21:29 +0100, Tony Duell wrote:
> > Talk to me about the HP150. What HPIB chip does it use? Does your
> It's a TMS9914 (I've just checked the TechRef), directly on the 8088 bus.
> In general HP's HPIB-capable computers of that vintage used the 9914. 
> Some peripherals used the Intel 8291, others bit-banged the protocol 
> using a microcontroller. Later computers used an HP custom chip called 
> 'Medusa' IIRC. Earlier computers either used a microcontroller or 
> discrete TTL chips. 
> > version of DOS/UNIX have the tools that you need to do register level
> THe HP150, being an 8088 machine, has no hardware protection at all, and 
> the TechRef gives the addreses for the 9914 registers (and tells you to 
> look at the data sheet for said chip :-)). There is an MS-DOS device 
> driver for it, which implelents a subset of the HPIB functions using 
> ioctl() calls (basically, according to the manual, it only supports 
> functions where the HP150 initiates the operation). 

Thanks Tony,

I'm sure Rodney Brown would like to have the register/address mappings
for the HP150.

I have a reference manual for a Microsys STD-BUS HPIB card that uses the
9914. It includes a reference with Z80 source code for all the common
functions. It's trivial to modify the source to "C" and compile for a PC
so, when I get a chance, I'll transpose the source and post it somewhere
for others to reference.  

I have several later HP9000's and checked the chips in them. They have a
48 pin chip and are marked  1TL1-0008. A quick google search confirms
that's the "medusa" chip.

HPUX 10.20 for the 9000's has HPIB support built in. Like the 150 you
use ioctl() calls to access the chip. I have done a little HPIB
programming on the 9000 but, was never really comfortable with the
ioctl() methods.
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