C64 Cartridge disassembly (using MMC Replay w/RR-Net)

B. Degnan billdeg at degnanco.com
Mon May 5 06:49:10 CDT 2008

>Strange question, but does anyone know how to get a C64 cartridge
>case apart without breaking it?  I have a bad "Epyx Fast Load"
>cartridge, and need a case for my "MMC Replay" w/RR-Net.
>I still haven't really had time to do much with the MMC Replay, I
>have managed to get a few things to run from it (the C1541 emulation
>is pretty bad).  I have managed to successfully get a DHCP lease for
>the RR-Net, but haven't gotten it to talk to anything.  I finally got
>some of my floppies back out of storage (put them up on accident just
>before I bought the MMC Replay, and I want to see about making and
>writing out D64 images.

If you heat the cart in the oven at a temperature less than that which will 
melt the case, but enough to melt the glue?

I have had considerable adventures with this combo of hardware, here is a 
link that spells out the steps I took to interface my C128 (in c64 mode) 
using MMC Replay and RR-Net with the second Ethernet card in a PC formatted 
with WinXT.  I can make a D64 image of a disk in less than 30 seconds.  I 
prefer the c128 because after each image, I get better performance if I 
restart the C128 using the reset button (rather than have to power cycle 
the c64).  I have a lot of the files you need on my web site, directions 
and links for the files you'll need are here:

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