any STD bus users or developers?

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I'm getting the itch to get back to Z80 stuff.
Has anyone used the STD bus, or have any parts?
I have a few card cages and cards
but never enough I/O cards!
In the least, I was planning on using the STD bus
just for expansion cards to a single board computer.

-- Jeffrey Jonas


Hi Jeff,

Have you considered STE or ECB bus rather than the STD bus?

STD is a fine bus no doubt but as it uses edge connectors, building
prototype boards is more difficult I think.

STE and ECB bus use a plain DIN 41612 connectors and can be attached to a
plain PCB or prototype board.

There are still companies supporting the STE bus (ARCOM and others) and
some of the parts are still available.

I have found that the selection of the PCB form and bus interface is one
of the most difficult selections and factors involved in building
homebrew computers.  

PCBs with edge connectors really drive the costs up because specialized
prototype boards are required or if you manufacture the PCBs using edge
connectors and gold fingers are extra.


Andrew Lynch

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