Minimal CP-M SBC design

dwight elvey dkelvey at
Sat May 10 23:07:12 CDT 2008

> From: rtellason at
> On Saturday 10 May 2008 22:27, Eric Smith wrote:
>> Roy wrote:
>>> I'm still looking at having to drill out some holes in the perfboard I
>>> end up using that's going to correspond to that weird spacing, though.
>> I just cut two slots and epoxied the socket in place.
> That thought occurred to me too, which means I need to get some of those itty
> bitty little saw blades or something similar for the dremel. Either way I
> gotta buy more than I have now. :-)

 The metal blades will dull quickly on fiberglass boards. The cutting
disk will work but tend to gum up.
 Do remember to clamp the work and use both hands to hold
the dremel.
 I was using one of the metal blades once and thought I could
do just a little more touch up. I was holding the work piece 
in one hand and the dremel in the other. The blade caught
in the work piece and the blade ran across the back of my finger
for about an inch and a half before cutting through my nail and
around to the pad of my finger, for about another half inch.
 It happened so fast that it was all over in a small fraction of
a second( It made a bang sound ).
 I feel a little foolish but it was a lesson learned. The dremel
is a great tool but must be treated with respect.

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