Minimal CP-M SBC design

Dave McGuire mcguire at
Mon May 12 22:11:33 CDT 2008

Allison wrote:
>>> I still don't have the hang of this "vintage" thing yet, probably 
>>> because I'm vintage myself.  Please forgive my density...
>>   I often suffer from the same problem.  I think very few of us, even 
>> here, actually used stuff like CP/M and PDP-11s when they were 
>> considered current technology.
> Speak for yourself.  I wish that were true.  The first version of CP/M
> I ran was 1.3 When it was available and 1.4 was much better and useful.
> I had access to PDP-8 ion 1969 and PDP10 in 1971 and got my first PDP11
> in 1980(still have it too!). PDP11 stopped being current in the 1990s 
> when DEC sold the tech and licenses. Up till then you could buy it new 
> and faster (and then from mentec for years after that).

   Well not *me* (or you, apparently!), but a lot of people.  I cut my 
teeth in the early 1980s with CP/M, Atari 800, and a PDP-11/34a.  I was 
in my early teen years at the time.  I started out in electronics a good 
bit before that, when I was seven.


Dave McGuire
Port Charlotte, FL

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