Is this the smallest PDP-11 compatible?

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Tue May 13 13:22:40 CDT 2008

> BTW, the owner of the site has a great little project he worked out--
> a terminal consisting of nothing more than an ATMega16 uC and RS232
> level translators to produce a composite video signal (PAL) driving a
> 32x29 character display.

Does the chip contain some kind of video generator built in, or is he
bit-banging video?  32x29 with a 7x8 character cell means 3118080
pixels per screen.  With no allowance for retrace overhead, that means
between 5 and 6 clock cycles per pixel (I see a 16MHz crystal on the
schematic)...not that difficult with a superscalar CPU core, but this
is a microcontroller....

Of course, I could probably work this out from the code, but that would
take a good deal of staring at the code.

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