anyone scans/PDFs of the DEC (VMS) "grey wall" ?

Zane H. Healy healyzh at
Sun May 18 11:28:34 CDT 2008

At 8:54 AM -0700 5/18/08, Mr Ian Primus wrote:
>--- Dan Gahlinger <dgahling at> wrote:
>>  I was wondering if anyone had scans or PDF's of the
>>  DEC VMS "grey wall" ?
>>  ie: all the VMS big binders
>>  Do such documents exist?
>I don't know if they exist, but they would be very,
>very useful if they did. I don't have a grey wall, but
>I would love to - and PDF's are probably the only way
>I'll find one.

If you are looking for one, just keep your eye out.  It took a few 
months, but thanks to another list member I was able to get one for 
the CBHRC a few months back (big surprise the Computer History 
section is highly DEC oriented).  Keep in mind if you get one the big 
expense will be shipping.  It is probably easier to get a V5, or even 
V4 set than V6, V7, or V8 hard-copy doc's.  I was able to get a V6 
set several years ago off eBay for little more than the cost of 
shipping (at some point it will be donated to CBHRC).  Back in the 
V7.2 days I bought a set of the base doc's from Compaq (at that time 
around 2 feet of doc's).  Since then I've made due with bookreader 
and HTML doc's (I prefer HTML but some of the tools I use only have 
electronic doc's in bookreader format).  I keep both formats on my 
private VMS webserver, and I can read them that way.  When did DEC 
start distributing doc's in bookreader format?  I'm guessing it was 
with either V5 or V6, but I don't have any OS CD sets that old other 
than the V1 Hobbyist CD.  I'm pretty sure CD's exist for V5.5-2, but 
all I have for original media are tapes.

I suspect most people simply go to the HP website and read the doc's 
online, or off the doc CD's included as part of the distributions.  I 
suspect very few of us are running anything older than V7.2.  I have 
one 5.5-2 system that runs 24x7 except when it's too hot, it is a 
VAXstation 4000/vlc that acts as my DECnet router.  My main VMS 
system is an XP1000/667 running V8.3.

Now what I need is a set of V8.3 Documentation CD's (the App and OS 
CD's would be nice as well).  I also wouldn't mind a set of the V5.5 
doc's in bookreader format.


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