Memory test util for classic macs?

Jeff Walther trag at
Sun Nov 2 00:08:48 CDT 2008

>Date: Sat, 1 Nov 2008 07:11:58 -0700 (PDT)
>From: Cameron Kaiser <spectre at>

>>  Anyone know of a decent memory test utility that runs on classic macs (68k
>>  based)?
>>  I have an old Mac Portable that I'm struggling to get an OS on -- I
>>  consistently get "bad F-line instruction" traps when booting from System 7
>>  disks (floppies and CD-ROMs), which from what I can tell probably means bad
>>  memory.  I'd like to find out if it IS memory, and if so, whether it's the
>>  onboard 1mb (I hope not) or on the 4mb expansion...
>>  My internet searches have come up dry (I've found stuff for OS X, and early
>>  PowerMacs, but nothing for the 68k line).
>If you can find Snooper, I think it has a RAM test tool in it that will work
>and does not require the Snooper NuBus board to be installed.

RAMometer from (OOB) NewerTech works on older Macs.  I know it will 
work on 68030 Macs.  I'm not sure if it will work on 68000 based 
Macs.   It  might need the PMMU.   I think there's a copy in my 

Jeff Walther

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