UK source of small UNC nuts and bolts?

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We use a local supplier here (North Hampshire, I believe they are in Yately) 
who do small quantities of  UNC type American screws, quite a bit of our 
equipment is non metric. Can't remember the name but I can find out tomorrow 
when I get back into work and post their details. They will do small (<100) 
quantities, well they do for us anyway.

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Subject: UK source of small UNC nuts and bolts?

> This is classiccmp-related in that I am repairing an old HP
> 'Multiprogrammer' (a modular input/output system for HP2100s, HPIB
> machines, etc). While dismantling it I had one screw shear off and had to
> drill out pop-rivets holding a heatsink to the side casting.
> So waht I am looking for is a source of small UNC nuts and bolts in
> reasonable quantites. 'Small' means 4-40, 6-32 and 8-32. I would be
> looking for countersunk and pan head scewws, nuts, lockwashers, etc.
> 'Reasonable quantities' would be a bag of 100. These are not at all
> common in the UK, we tend to use BA (older machines) or metric (M3/M4
> sizes).
> Does anyone know a company who can sypply these to the UK?  Preferably one
> based in the UK (to save on postage charges), but there's no real problem
> with shipping a ag of nuts and bolts from anywhere.
> -tony

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