OmniProm programmer

Jeff Jonas jeffj at
Sun Nov 2 16:32:06 CST 2008

I'm trying to revive an EPROM programmer:

the bottom label says
 	Omni-Prom Programmer
 	model OMNI-01

 	SherTek, Inc.
 	Memphis, TN USA

but the inner label says
 	P/N OMNI05, V7.0, R0.0
 	(C) 1986, SherTek Inc.

It has 28, 40 pin ZIF sockets on top,
internal power supply.
But the only interface is for the PC's parallel port
so I'm unsure what protocol it uses
to read back the results.

I'm missing the floppy with OMNI.EXE
the DOS program that ran it.
The manual only documents the program menu,
not the parallel port protocol.

Any clues?
-- jeffj at

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