Computer Shopper scans: definitely worthy

jd onymouse at
Sat Nov 8 13:20:00 CST 2008

Jeff Jonas さんは書きました:
>> From: "William Donzelli" <wdonzelli at>
>> Subject: Re: Computer Shopper scans?
>> Like it, or (mostly) not, Computer Shopper
>> is a very important slice of computing history.
> I'm not so sure of that.
> It's not a scholarly journal such as the Journal of the ACM,
> but it shows the state of the art for hobbyist & business machines,
> such as price & capacity of hard drives, CPU, RAM,
> when certain peripherals were ubiquitious, etc.

I found it far more consistently interesting than the ACM's journal.
It was the Sears Catalog and Farmer's Almanac for computing at the 
time, a broader overview of computer technology than any journal ever 
was and it followed the changes in applied technology. That is what 
makes it historically significant, like Nuts-n-Volts, QST, and quite a 
few other technical rags. It has information you can't find anywhere 
else. Just because it's full of adverts does not make it unworthy of 

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