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Google has some references, but they all seem to be to the same text, from a 1959 "history" entry that refers to the 1401 and the 1602 and "CADET".  It looks like everyone is stealing the same text.  One copy shows up on a high school website ("Copyright xyz high school").  Oops.  And there are copies in other languages, Thai and Persian included...  Also plenty of "for sale" notices of that artifact you mentioned.  But I see no other detail.


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> IBM 1620?  That acronym fits it nicely, because the 1620 (model I that is) did add and multiply by table lookup, so it couldn't add unless the right data were first loaded into memory.

    I believe I may have been mistaken in the use of "CADET", due to some 
questionable references on the 'net.  I know what a 1620 looks like, and 
have pictures of the one at the CHM.  This is what I'm trying to find:

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