New HP-HIL keyboards

Steven M Jones classiccmp at
Fri Nov 14 22:38:41 CST 2008

I wrote a few weeks back about an HP 9000/380... The keyboard I'd found 
separately at Weirdstuff Warehouse works fine, and appears to be 
period-correct (46021A, serial #3150S50181). However the key caps are 
surprisingly loose -- if you tap firmly on the surrounding bezel you can 
watch the keycaps bounce and rotate on top of their mechanisms.

I found a seller on eBay with new-in-box 46021C HP-HIL keyboards. The 
style of all keycaps on the C model are the same as the alphabetic keys 
of its A predecessor -- the A's numeric keypad has a very distinctive 
undercut sculpting. Overall weight of the two units is similar, the C 
being a bit smaller and lighter.

The new keyboards are $9.99 plus S&H ($12.68 for me in California), eBay 
auction #300267813052. There are currently 5 left.

I have no connection with the seller other than as a satisfied customer. 
Just thought others might be interested in NIB HIL keyboards.


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