OT Plugging : HP Integral IPC on ebay

Rik Bos hp-fix at xs4all.nl
Sat Nov 15 14:53:46 CST 2008


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Verzonden: zaterdag 15 november 2008 21:31
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Onderwerp: Re: OT Plugging : HP Integral IPC on ebay

> Among the stuff to go :


> HP9826 ( lack of useful software ).

You can get HP BASIC (which is quite a nice version) and Pascal (looks to be
UCSD-based) from the Australian museum. 

I don't know what boot ROM you have. If it's 2.0, then it won't boot from
external drives, but only from the internal 5.25" one. This could be a
problem in getting software. Unfortunately the 3.0 boot ROM is a larger
device and can't (easily) be used on the early version of CPU board.

> HP85   ( just got it, but already tired of it ).

Now that I can understand :-). I've never found the HP 80 series of desktops
to be particularly interesting.


> HP85

But it is very easy to use as instrument controller, or CS/SS80 exerciser..
If you got a 9121 as external drive, tapes are not a real option.

Small OT question do you know how the wires on the HP-65 cardreader head are
soldered (not the ones on the reader pcb)


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