Plug-n-Play for vintage machines?

Tony Duell ard at
Mon Nov 17 12:43:14 CST 2008

> I got bit by a bad jumper too....
> I added jumper 'blocks' (salvaged from a dead HD) to a Cobalt
> RAQ 3i.  Turns out one of the jumpers I put on the voltage selection
> pins was bad... and I overvolted the CPU and fried it...  thankfully
> I hadn't put in the K6-2+ at that point yet !

Wouldn't it be more sensible if the voltage selection circuit was 
designed so that if a particular jumper was open it always gave a lower 
output voltage tyhan if that jumper was closed (all other jumpers being 
set the same). Then an open jumper would not fry anything.

But then it's my bitter experience that good design and PC hardware do 
not go together...

This story has also convinced me to carry on checking all voltage outputs 
with a meter before connecting anything to them. In this case, to check 
the CPU power voltages _at the pins of the CPU socket_ before plugging 
said chip in.


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