Offer: Creative Labs Sound Blaster Card "collection"

Jim Leonard trixter at
Tue Nov 18 21:39:56 CST 2008

Pontus wrote:
> A member of the vintage-computer forum is looking for a "Creative Game
> Blaster Card":
> If you have one, maybe I can hook you guys up?

I normally don't toss around the term "rare", but that card is rare.  It 
was Creative's original competitor to the Adlib and was marketed as such 
(Creative Music System, as the Adlib was originally marketed as a music 
card and not a gaming card).  Radio Shack realized it might sell better 
as a gaming card and sold it as the Game Blaster with a bundled game 
that supported it, and a year later Creative finally realized that the 
best way to compete with Adlib was to completely plagiarize it as the 
Sound Blaster.

As for what it could do, it is two Phillips SAA1099 chips ganged 
together to produce 12 stereo sine waves with two noise channels. 
Compared to the 2-operator FM synthesis of Adlib, it was a complete 
joke.  Imagine the cacophony of four PCjrs squawking in stereo and 
you've got a good idea of what the CMS sounded like.

Original Sound Blasters are uncommon; the Creative Music System/Game 
Blaster card is rare.  I have one of each release including packaging; 
it took me over 1.5 decades to get them.
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