Introduction to Programming the PDP-8

Gordon JC Pearce MM3YEQ gordonjcp at
Thu Nov 20 03:11:44 CST 2008

Lance Lyon wrote:
> I've listed this book on eBay, someone on the list may be interested 
> (it's way outta line for my Commodore collecting :) )
> Written in 1973 by DEC

I've got a copy of that, which came from Craigmount Secondary School in 
Edinburgh.  Found by my Mum in a second-hand bookshop in the Grassmarket 
- "Oh, I spotted *this* and thought you might be interested, is it any 
good?"  Yes, it is...

Good enough, in fact, for me to write a fairly reasonable PDP8 emulator 
that, while not quite cycle-accurate, ran ODT and and the 4K Disk System 
reasonably well.

I must resurrect it, some time.


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