Hard disk material

Chris M chrism3667 at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 23 12:44:46 CST 2008

wild guess - the binder is some sort of expensive epoxy material.

How are you going to apply the rust? With a airbrush? You'll need some sort of mechanism to insure it gets applied evenly (i.e uniform thickness), no? You'll also need something similar to apply the *epoxy* - that would have to go on uniformly also. The distance between the read head and the platter is measured in microns, no?

there was a discussion on homemade cleanrooms a while back. Has anyone successfully built and implemented one?

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> Subject: Hard disk material
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> It looks like sometime in the future I may need to rebuild a
> damaged
> magnetic drum. It has some scratches that may be too deep.
> As a
> brainstorm, I am wondering about recoating the surface. If
> I use
> refined iron oxide, what would I use as a fixer (glue)?
> What was
> typically used on early hard disk platters and drums?
> --
> Will


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