Help with Shugart SA801 8" floppy with 230v 50 cycle motor...

Tom Peters tpeters at
Mon Nov 24 17:21:17 CST 2008

On the other hand, I have one, possible two, SA801's with 60Hz, 110V motors 
in them, which I would gladly sell you at a reasonable price. Perhaps that 
solution interests you.


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> > Subject: Help with Shugart SA801 8" floppy with 230v 50 cycle motor...
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> > This weekend I was trying to get an old CPM system running with via its 8"
> > floppy disks. After troubleshooting it I found that the disk drive cabinet
> > contained a Shugart SA801 Drive with a 230v 50/60 cycle Reaction Motor
> > (capacitor start).
> >
> > I scoped out the index pulse to verify and it was running about 1.2x faster
> > than it should (420 rpm versus the expected 360 rpm).
> >
> > Is there anything I can do to get this drive operational other than to sell
> > it another who has a 230v/50 cycle environment.
> >
> > Thanks Robo
> >
>  In my earlier days, a friend had just the same problem.
>We took a file to the pully on motor shaft.
>  We just turned it with the motor running.
>  We did have to elongate the mounting holes on the
>frame. I suspect the the 50/60 cycle change had
>a different flywheel and pully or belt.
>  Don't think of tape or something on the flywheel.
>The disk read is very sensitive to the slightest
>roughness on the surface of the flywheel.
>  On old machines that I get, there is often
>tarnish and oxide on the flywheel. I usually clean
>and polish this before I expect the drive to work properly.
>  The friend did use the SA800 for several years until
>he moved on to a PC.
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