MITS Disk Boot Loader manual

Richard A. Cini rcini at
Wed Nov 26 11:35:03 CST 2008


    I¹m working on adding support in the Altair32 Emulator for directly
reading WAV file samples of audio cassettes. Initially, I¹m working with the
88-ACR but it should be a snap to modify that code to support the KCS.

    A WAV sample sent to me by the person who asked me to look into adding
this capability is a cassette from 1977 called the MITS Disk Boot Loader.
I¹ve known this to be usually distributed on PROM, but I guess if you didn¹t
have a PROM board, the cassette makes sense. I actually have the source and
ROM binary already because I use it for the floppy disk support in the

    Anyway, me and a buddy of mine are starting to parse the WAV samples and
it would help greatly if we could get a copy of the manual for the DBL. The
owner of the tape doesn¹t have it. What I¹m really looking for is the toggle
loader or whatever was used to bring the DBL in from cassette.

    If anyone has it and would be willing to scan it for me, I¹d appreciate
it. Thanks!


Rich Cini
Collector of Classic Computers
Build Master and lead engineer, Altair32 Emulator

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