Arcade games

Michael B. Brutman mbbrutman-cctalk at
Sat Nov 29 11:14:09 CST 2008

Philip Belben wrote:
> Just curious...
> There's a shop in Coalville, I'm not sure what it sells (maybe it sells 
> games consoles; maybe it's an amusement arcade; maybe both).
> In the window this weekend were two machines that caught my eye: an 
> original Space Invaders machine from 1978, priced at 895 pounds; and a 
> pinball machine from 1979 (branded "Gottlieb") for an 
> almost-as-unreasonable 495 pounds.  (I think at current exchange rates 
> that's about $1300 and $700 US)
> ...


I have four arcade games in the basement for many of the same reasons 
why I have vintage computers - Dropping a quarter into an original Atari 
Asteroids in the year 2008 is like stepping back close to 30 years in time.

The technology is the same as on the vintage computers, and the 
schematics usually come with the games.  These are computers - just with 
a slightly different purpose.  They were also pretty well built given 
the sometimes hostile environments they lived in.


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