HP 5036A microprocessor lab - searching for copy of "Practical Microprocessors"

hpjimbondoris123 at dorisland.net hpjimbondoris123 at dorisland.net
Wed Oct 1 04:00:19 CDT 2008

Hello group:

I have a person whom was kind enough to post the PDF excerps from scanning "Practical Microprocessors"
which is the lab manual for the HP 5036 microprocessor trainer..
I scanned the schematics, rom listing and a few other pages. 
You can find it on Dave's site here   

be warned that in order to make it worth while to read its 125 megs I suggest that you print it out the 40 so pages.
I printed it to make sure that its readable. Spent a day to scan it and build the pdf so I hope those with the trainer
and have no manual will find it usefull.


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