Downsizing My Collection

Robert J. Stevens trebor72 at
Wed Oct 1 08:05:31 CDT 2008

I just had a bout with Colon Cancer and will have to start downsizing my
Computer collection which goes back to the early 80's got some S-100
stuff then PC's from the first thru XT, AT, 286, 386, 486's, 586, up to
I also have a complete IBM Series/! 110V half rack and full rack and
spare External floppy. Plus 4978, some 3101's some TI 810 printers
Cabling. Everything has to go. I also have a Pair of NEC APC's that run.
Got two old IMS 8000 8080 cabinets. Have some S-100 cards and 8"drives.
Got a Teletek Systemaster 65K CP/m  SBC that used to work. even a boot
floppy and Docs.
THIS Has been sold
Got a Mariposa Design 64K Static Memory Board plus Manual.;
Even have a Tarbell SBC 8-16 that used to run Got all the Boots and Docs
Boy Am I Puter POOR. Got a N* Horizon and a ton of Cards thats up for Grabs.
Got a Cromemco ZPU and a 16K static card Plus an 8K ByteSaver fully
populated sans Proms.
Got a ADS Promblaster wating for one chip. Found one at Unicorn but need
to sell something to get the Bread to purchase
Got a Advanced Digital Corp S-100  MFM Controller but not sure of its
Got a Tarbell FDC 1011C and a 1011D Fully populated that ought to work
Got two Vector Graphic CPUs and a Z80
Got some spare Compu-Pro cards 8085,  Disk1 that needs fixing, Disk3,
couple RAM22.s  RAM17.s Interfacer 3 and 4 that I may put up if the
price is right
Looking for Shipping and Handling and a few Bucks to put my pocketbook
to rest.
I'd go the E-Bay Route but they only allow Credit cards for PayPal and I
don't have one. I am strictly "Cash on the Barrel head" which includes
Money Orders
My E-Mail is good if anyone is interested.
I am located just NW of Milwaukee in Menomonee Falls right off of US
41-45 for PICK-UPS
I will be posting Vintage Computer Market Place and Comp.os.cpm and
Maybe even E-BAY
Bob in Wisconsin

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