Two more Craters & Freighters happy experiences

Richard legalize at
Wed Oct 1 22:41:10 CDT 2008

I recently had two more items packed and delivered to me by Craters &
Freighters.  Holy shit, what a difference it makes with that company.
A Tektronix 4170 local graphics processor and an Evans & Sutherland PS
390 base unit arrived with no scratches, no falling apart pallets and
everything intact.

The tally so far:
+ seller freight packed deskside SGI Onyx
+ C&F packed lot from dovebid (Tektronix graphics terminals)
+ C&F packed Megatek graphics terminal
+ C&F packed E&S PS390
+ C&F packed Tektronix 4170

- CTS packed deskside SGI Onyx & Octanes
- adcom worldwide packed SGI Octanes, O2s and monitors

In the case of CTS/adcom worldwide, the only reason that I used them
and not C&F is that there wasn't a C&F that could go to Reading, PA
and pick up the stuff from a dovebid auction.

C&F may not be the cheapest; to be honest, when C&F service is
available I don't even bother to check with other freight shipping
service companies.  However, what good does it do you to save a few
dollars on shipping and have something arrive smashed or cosmetically
ruined because of poor packing?

I heartily recommend Craters & Freighters for your packing and freight
shipping needs.

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