Got Nova 1220, but no key :(

Tony Duell ard at
Sun Oct 5 14:32:32 CDT 2008

> Hi,
> I have this Data General Nova 1220 sitting here which seems in good shape.
> But I don't have the front panel key, which is in the "lock" position.
> The PDP11 keys I have do not work :(
> Any hint ?

I assume that this is a tubular lock like a PDP11 lock.

Yo ucan normally dismantle the front panel of such a minicomputer even 
when 'locked' and remove the lock itself. You then have several options : 

1) Buy a new lock (and keys) of the same design and fit that. These locks 
were almost certainly standard parts at the time.

2) Take it to a (good) locksmith with a 'tubular lock pick'. He can then 
pick the lock, and from the postiion of the sliders on said tubular lock 
pick cna then cut a replacement key.

3) DIsmantle the lock. If it's like most of these tubular locks, there's a 
pin in one side that you have to drill out. I seem to remember you then 
hold it vertically, front face upwards, and slide the outer shell off. 
Keep the pins in the right sequence. You can now 

a) From the lengths of said pinds, cut a new key to fit that lock

b) Fit a new set of pins to make a given tubular key fit it (for example 
your XX2247 PDP11 key)

c) Assemble it with no pins (or springs) so that any tubular key will 
work it.


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