Tektronix 4108 terminal?

Paxton Hoag innfoclassics at gmail.com
Fri Oct 3 13:27:48 CDT 2008

> Yes, its labelled in the Tektronix style quite clearly, as you can see
> in the photos linked from my blogpost.  I have 4105s and 4205s.
>> You can add extra ram and change the eproms for upgrade. I have
>> manuals somewhere in the container.
> I have a 4170 User's Guide (which contains service information in the
> back along with a big theory of operation section; I will scan for
> bitsavers).  The 4170 itself has two memory boards installed and a
> hard drive installed internal to the enclosure, so I don't think its
> the bargain basement model.
>> Memory is one of the slots, you can puit mopre than one in. Also there
>> was a CX card, which was an IBM COAX interface card.
> Are you talking about the slots on the 4170 or the 4108?  I was
> referring to the slots on the 4108 in that post.

I was talking about the 4108 terminal.

I looked at the pictures and I think what you have is a custom
terminal. It has the 4208 plastics, but I suspect a 4107 card inside.
The black color is custom as is the label, made by Tek. It could be an
early 4208.

The 4107s came stock with 256K RAM and the 4208 came stock with 512K
RAM. Hopefully this would identify the board. The 4208 was expandable
to 1.5 Meg of RAM with plug in memory cards. Check what the EPROMs are
labeled also, I seem to remember that 4107 ROMs were labeled as such.

Did you get the keyboard and mouse? I didn't see them in the pictures

The 4208 case is nice because the plastic bezel above the CRT is
removable and you can put two HH floppys in there. So Tek must have
made a floppy controller card also. I have seen one so equipped.

I have also seen custom made terminals with special Tek nametags.

I think you have a rare custom terminal.


Paxton Hoag
Astoria, OR

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