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Thu Oct 9 18:27:42 CDT 2008

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> On Thu, Oct 9, 2008 at 1:33 PM, Richard <legalize at> wrote:
> > Well, I had to put out the grand sum of $10 to get this puppy.  I'm
> > surprised noone else here bid on it.  Now to figure out how to get it
> > transported...
> Well, your last sentence answers your second.  That, and the
> unhelpfulness of the seller made me pass it up.  Good to see someone
> will preserve it, though.

Unhelpfulness of the seller?  They posted lots of questions that were
asked and considering that I was the only bidder, that seems like it
was more trouble than it was worth.  I think what happened is that
lots of us (like me) only saw this when there was 22 hrs left on the
auction so he got a slew of questions on the last day.

> I want pics!

I want a camera! :-)
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