3.5" floppy drive question(s)

Roy J. Tellason rtellason at verizon.net
Sat Oct 11 13:49:10 CDT 2008

On Saturday 11 October 2008 14:37, Phill Harvey-Smith wrote:
> Roy J. Tellason wrote:
> > On Saturday 11 October 2008 11:59, Phill Harvey-Smith wrote:
> >> There are a couple of problems however, most 1.44M drives are jumpered
> >> to operate as drive 1 only, and cannot easily be changed, this can be
> >> fixed however by swapping lines in the cable e.g. swapping 10 and 12
> >> will make the drive respond as drive 0.
> >
> > Hence the twist in the cable...
> Sort of, to use a 1.44 as a normal drive you only need to exchange pins
> 10 and 12 (which are the drive select lines), and not move the motor on
> line. The normal PC cable twist exchanges both.


There was a time a while back when  guy brought me a homebrew Xerox 820-1 
system that had two different brands of 5.25" floppies in it,  and I had what 
it took going on in my head at the time to look at all of the lines and 
whatnot and make it work.

Somewhere around the time peecee hardware started to take over I started 
seeing less and less of those sorts of challenges,  so those particular brain 
cells have been sound asleep for a while now.  :-)

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