3.5" floppy drive question(s)

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sat Oct 11 14:03:39 CDT 2008

Thanks all for the input.... so, if I understand it correctly I should
be able to use any of these drives (other than the drive select and
drive ready signal issue) as a 720K drive.  I'd be using 720K media,
so I'd imagine I don't need to worry about 'faking' out the HD sensor.

Out of the drives I listed, are any of the makes/models considered
good drives or lemon drives....  (would like to wee out lemons).
(I know I had mixed luck with TEAC drives... as I recall issues about
the sensor switches going up in resistance... I remember popping
the backs off the switches on one and cleaning them up inside and
restoring proper operation of the drive).

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. wrote:
> Panasonic JU-257A827P
> Panasonic JU-256A216P
> Sony MP-F17W-09 SMM
> Samsung SFD-321D/T
> Epson SMD-1300

And I think I have a few of the adapters around for IDC to edge
connector... and I think at least one has a jumper or two... any idea
what those do ?  (drive ready vs disk change ?)


-- Curt

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