3.5" floppy drive question(s)

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at usap.gov
Sat Oct 11 22:47:15 CDT 2008

On Sat, Oct 11, 2008 at 05:10:30PM -0700, r.stricklin wrote:
> On Oct 11, 2008, at 4:48 PM, Fred Cisin wrote:
> >>>Nobody has successfully used a 3.5" at 150RPM.  Yet.
> >
> >On Sat, 11 Oct 2008, Philip Pemberton wrote:
> >>What about the old Amiga high-density drives that ran at 300RPM for  
> >>DSDD and
> >>150RPM for DSHD?
> >
> >Sorry, I forgot about them.
> >I've never had any Amigas THAT new.
> One might argue that given the cool reception the users had to that  
> particular drive, it wasn't successful in the Amiga either.

I have several - one in my A4000 and at least one in a couple of A3000s.
They were, to me, essential, for trading things between PCs and Amigas
before everyone had a network card and/or was on the Internet.

ISTR they were well over $100 each, so I only bought one for each of
the machines that got daily use.  I don't recall any reliability problems
with them that weren't cheap-media related.

The "nice" thing about them is that they are (electrically) compatible
with every Amiga made.  I can't guarantee that they fit inside every
case style as FD0:, but you can plug them in and they will work, right
back to a 1985 A1000.


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