print-wheel/daisy-wheel printers / was Re: Apple ][* stuff needs

Tony Duell ard at
Wed Oct 15 14:36:01 CDT 2008

> I sure do remember that: as an undergrad, my first task for an OS
> research project was to convert the system troff-style fixed-pitch 
> text formatter
> to support proportional font spacing. Output was to a daisy-wheel 
> printer (don't
> recall the actual printer manuf/model) using that same sort of 
> micro-spacing feature. > 
> This would have been late-'79/early-'80, so the same time frame as your task.

I rmeembr a program called ApplePlot which included a routine to dump the 
Apple ][ hires display to a Qume Sprint 5 (I think) daisywheel printer. 
It used the microspacing features of this printer, and printed the image 
using only the full stop (period) character of the printwheel. It was, of 
course, slow, noisy, and hard on the printwheel...

This sort of thing must have been fairly common, since I remember (and 
may still have somehwere) plastic daisywheels with a metal pin in the 
full stop character so that it would last longer if used like this (all 
other characfters were the normal moulded plastic ones).


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