PLM80 V4 docs needed

Dave Mabry dmabry at
Wed Oct 15 17:08:18 CDT 2008

Jeff Erwin said the following on 10/14/2008 1:56 PM:
>> I've used PL/M-80 extensively in the past, but I don't remember V4 being
>> that much different than earlier versions.  All versions of PL/M-80 that
>> ran under ISIS-II used the linker and locater.  The only version that I
>> know of that didn't was the Fortran version that ran on mainframes.  It
>> produced absolute object code, usually in the form of an Intel hex format.
> Version 4 was radically different from the 3.X and prior versions.  The
> earlier versions used the $X controls, version 4 used the controls that were
> then used in the PLM86 compiler.  Also, the DATA statement was eliminated
> and other language constructs were changed.  PLM80 V3 code would not compile
> without mods.  I remember it being released at about the same time the 8086
> and PLM86 was was released and the effort was to make PLM80 and PLM86
> somewhat similar.  The PLM80 3.x docs are pretty much worthless if you are
> using the 4.0 compiler.  4.0 was also one executable, a big change from the
> PLM81 and PLM82 2-pass method the earlier versions used.
Ok, Jeff, I am wondering what you might be referring to.  I think you 
might be thinking of PL/M-86, which I'm not that familiar with.

Intel, generally, would issue two manuals for PL/M-80 (and ASM-80 as 
well).  One manual is the PL/M-80 Programming Manual and one is the 
ISIS-II PL/M-80 Compiler Operator's Manual.  I have in front of me the 
"PL/M-80 Programming Manual", no. 9800268B, which is dated 1977, and the 
DATA construct is in it.  It is used at load time to set initial values 
of variables.  I believe that this manual applies to several versions of 
PL/M-80, including V4 and earlier ones.  It is basically a syntax manual.

I have the "ISIS-II PL/M-80 Compiler Operator's Manual", no. 9800300-04, 
dated 3/82.  It is the manual that was issued specifically for V4.0 of 
the compiler.  There are several "$" commands listed.  All those "$" 
commands are also listed in the V3.0/V3.1 version of that manual (9800300C).

The Programming Manual did not change from V3.0 to V4.0.  The language 
was really the same.  I programmed a lot in those days and I never had 
to change anything moving from V3 to V4.

I think the main changes from 3 to 4 had to do with newer operating 
system environments.  Newer versions of ISIS-II could have more than the 
four or six or seven disk drives by allowing networked drive assignments 
up through :F9:.  File names could be longer, as well.  I think those 
were some of the differences from V3.x to V4.0.  But the language syntax 
was the same.

>>> Specifically, I am in need of:
>>> 98-00268B plm 80 programming manual, V4
>>> Thanks.
>>> Jeff Erwin
>>> By the way, I am running the ISIS-II emulator in a DOS box under windows,
>>> itself an emulator.  Windows is running under Parallels on my Mac Pro
> which
>>> is running OSx.  Is it possible to get further from reality here??

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