computer graphics in the 1950s

bfranchuk at bfranchuk at
Thu Oct 16 14:11:15 CDT 2008

Richard wrote:
> Sorry, no.  I don't want this to degenerate into another "but my
> pebble stacking box from 1500 BC is the first!" thread.  I'm looking
> for genuine information along the directions in which I'm asking, not
> contorted attempts to turn any arbitrary device by some stretch of the
> imagination into a "computer graphics" device.
I know you have the '0's but,
Sorry ONES's where invented about 1400 BC.  :)
Yet when you think about they all were FIRST, since the computer
and I/O devices where invented indepenedant of each other, and
about the same time. The only common idea was you could calculate
using electricity rather than wheels and gears.

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