computer graphics in the 1950s

Tony Duell ard at
Thu Oct 16 16:10:08 CDT 2008

> Characters are not pixels, so no, I'm not setting a constraing on the

'Pixel' == Picture Element, I beleive. Idon't see why a 'block graphics 
character' can't be an element of a picture.

> pixel size.  I *am* arbitrarily excluding text terminals with graphic
> character sets.  Its not graphics in any sense that a practitioner of
> computer graphics would call it.  If it were, bitmapped based displays
> Since I'm the one asking the question, I get to decide what the
> question means.  This isn't the floor of the US House of
> Representatives.

Of course you can decide what your question means. But please tell the 
rest of us. I've not got an ESP interface working yet.


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