computer graphics in the 1950s

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at
Thu Oct 16 15:58:22 CDT 2008

Paul_Koning at wrote:
>> ...  Not to pick on this particular question, but
>>from the perspective of a designer, the difference
>> between a text display and a graphics display is just
>> not so big as to be an interesting question.  But if
>> we ask the question from a designer's point of view,
>> such as, "what was the first CRT display that was under
>> program control and was included for the express purpose
>> of being an output device?"  
> By that definition, the year would be not later than 1961 (when the PDP-1 and its CRT I/O device appeared).

Although I still think a 1948 Mark 1 with the associated display qualifies 

It's specifically intended as a visual output device, and it is under program 

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