UTek 3.0 Standalone Utilities Media Image?

Rick Bensene rickb at bensene.com
Sun Oct 19 11:56:40 CDT 2008

Here's an oddball request, that I hope someone out there may be able to
assist with.

I have an old Tektronix 4132 Unix workstation that I used to use a long
time ago.  The hard disk died at one point, and I put the system aside.
I had all of the installation media (1/4" QIC 24 tape) for UTek 3.0 and
figured some day I'd get around to rebuilding the machine when I got a
spare hard disk drive (SCSI).  Well, that some day took a long time.  I
finally dug the machine out and got a hard disk for it (a nice HP 5 1/4"
SCSI drive), and went to reload it, and found that my UTek 3.0
Standalone Utilities tape is bad.  I know that it's the tape, because I
put the drive on another (Linux) system, and I can read images of other
tapes that I have, but I get I/O erroes when I try to read the
Standalone Utilities tape.  So, I figure that either the tape went bad
due to the extreme length of time it went unused.  I'm wondering if
anyone out there managed to capture an image (dd or whatever) of this
tape, and has it such that I might be able to use dd or whatever utility
to make a new copy.  I have been successful in using the drive (a
WangTek) to read and write data to tapes with no troubles.

I'd love to bring this old machine (the 4132 is a follow-on Unix
workstating to the original Tektronix 6130, which was Tektronix' first
mass-marketed UNIX workstation, using a National 32016 CPU, running a
Unix based on Berkeley 4.2bsd.) back to life.   The standalone utilities
tape has tools on it which are used to partition and format the hard
disk, and load the installation media onto the hard disk.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Rick Bensene  

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