CRT displays [was: computer graphics in the 1950s]

Paul_Koning at Paul_Koning at
Tue Oct 21 13:03:41 CDT 2008

>> The Tektronix 4052 and 4006 (and presumaby 4051 and 4012) do this. 
>> These machines all have storage-tube vector displays, but when you want 
>> to display text, scan a little dot matrix of the character. [...]
>In all of these machines they do *not* send characters to the monitor.
>They send dots or vectors.  Just like in any character based terminal,
>there is a circuit that takes a character and turns it into a pixel or
>vector representation and *that* is sent to the monitor.  Monitors
>don't eat characters as input.  

Not unless they are a Charactron -- which was mentioned earlier.  Wikipedia has a good description.


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