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On Oct 21, 2008, at 2:28 PM, Jeff Erwin wrote:

>> Stay away, stay away! This guy has a track record of  
>> misrepresenting his
>> products, talking your money, and then ... nothing. No refund, no  
>> regrets,
>> nothing.
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>> Does anyone know what's going on with regarding the  
>> Series 2
>> machines?  I looked at the site hoping to get a drive chassis, but  
>> that's
>> gone along with related to communication with Todd Fischer.
> I had heard something to this affect as well.  Several people had  
> placed
> orders and paid deposits and all went into a black hole.  The word  
> on the
> street was that he abandoned the idea but left the web site up.  I  
> sent him
> email about six months ago asking about one of his replacement part  
> kits for
> the Imsai and never got a response back.

I've heard the horror stories as well, but actually did have a fairly  
pleasant experience with Todd.  Back in January of this year I ordered  
a bunch of replacement IMSAI parts, switch caps, replacement front  
panels, sheet metal, etc.  I first e-mailed him asking about price and  
availability.  I received a quick response with details regarding  
pricing and shipping costs.  After I placed the order I did have to  
prod him once, to which he quickly apologized for the delay and then  
proceeded to ship the items.

All I can suggest is to try and contact him.  If he does offer to sell  
what you are looking for, use PayPal.  That way, if there is an issue  
later on, you can probably get PayPal to arbitrate.


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