Megan Gentry mbg at world.std.com
Tue Oct 21 21:39:57 CDT 2008

DECNET for RT was phase-III only.  I was on a project at one point to 
update it to Phase-IV and Ethernet, but the project got canned...

Megan Gentry
Former RT-11 Developer

Zane H. Healy wrote:
>>> I think DECnet for the PDP-8 requires RTS-8 too.
>> I believe that is the case, but until this year, I hadn't ever run
>> across more then mere mention of DECnet-8.  Only recently, I have
>> at least found (on bitsavers or one of the other major repositories)
>> some docs on it.  I looked for it 22 years ago, but was unable to
>> trace it down then.
>> I don't believe it does much more than simple message and file
>> passing, and I don't think it's compatible with DECnet on any
>> other platform, but it _is_ vendor-supplied basic networking
>> for an otherwise ignored architecture.
> Does anyone actually have a copy of the DECnet-8 software, or is it like the
> DECnet for RT-11 software I've been searching for years for?  Though I do
> know one person that *might* have a copy of DECnet for RT-11.  They just
> haven't been able to get dug back to where it might be last I checked.
> Zane

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