AT&T UNIX PC - Need to hack user/password for access

Keith keithvz at
Sat Oct 25 21:56:15 CDT 2008

B Degnan wrote:
> Hi
> One of my students was able to repair an AT&T 7300 (67MB version) UNIX 
> PC powersupply.  Now it boots up, but we don't have the username and 
> password.  Any suggestions?
> BillDeg

I don't know which exact version of OS you'd have on that, but I will 
say that many many initial versions of unix had tons of default 
username/pw combinations.  There are lists to be found via google.

If it's a 3B1 running AT&T System V, then I'm almost positive there were 
some very popular default accts that had to be removed -- most people 
didn't and resulted in many machines being vulnerable.

Also, don't know anything about the file system, but if it's a common 
one, you could potentially (and carefully) install the HD into a linux 
box, mount it, retrieve /etc/passwd, and crack the sucker.  With today's 
machines you might be able to brute-force the keyspace, or worst case, 
put a pretty good dictionary attack on it.



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