AT&T UNIX PC - Need to hack user/password for access

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Sun Oct 26 06:57:47 CDT 2008

Rik Bos wrote:
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> Keith wrote:
>> Also, don't know anything about the file system, but if it's a common 
>> one, you could potentially (and carefully) install the HD into a linux 
>> box, mount it, retrieve /etc/passwd, and crack the sucker.  With 
>> today's machines you might be able to brute-force the keyspace, or 
>> worst case, put a pretty good dictionary attack on it.
>    Am I smoking crack, or do the "mount it on a PC" answers ignore the fact
> that it's an RLL drive?  Doesn't that mean that a PC is not going to handle
> the 7300's low-level format?
> 	Doc
> You could of course use a standard RLL ISA controller WD and others made
> them when RLL was hot.
> And even a 486 out runs a 3B1 several times. But there are of course lots of
> P1/P2/P3 systems with one or 2 ISA-slots witch can be used.

As I understand it there was no 'standard' format for ST-506/ST-412
formats.  It varied from chip to chip/controller to controller/
implementation to implementation....  I'm not sure what specifically
differed.... but even from PC to PC, the one or two times I attempted
to do it didn't work (different brand/model controllers).

I suppose that it the PC MFM controller used the same chip that the
AT&T 3B1/UnixPC used you would stand a chance, otherwise,

Anyone care to confirm/deny ?

-- Curt

> -Rik

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