Help with Sun video

Steven Hirsch snhirsch at
Mon Oct 27 20:23:18 CDT 2008

I'm hoping someone can shed light on this.  For the past week, I've been 
battling to get my Sun Ultra-60 video switchable through a Belkin 8-port 
KVM switch.  The monitor is a Samsung 214T 20" LCD.

- Connect monitor directly to workstation with a 13W3 Sync-On-Green 
adapter (no passthrough of sync signals):  Works fine.

- Connect monitor directly to workstation with a 13W3 adapter that brings 
out H+V sync:  Works fine.

- Connect either of the above to a port on the KVM switch:  Switch does 
not recognize that anything is connected and refuses to pull in the relay 
(I can hear an audible click from any channel with recognized video).  The 
status LED on the KVM keeps flashing to say "no one there!".  Obviously no 

- Purchase Belkin Sun adapter box from eBay and connect it between the U60 
and the KVM: KVM recognizes that video is there and pulls in the relay. 
The monitor _seems_ to believe that something is there, as the blinking 
green "nothing attached to me" LED goes solid on.  However, nothing ever 
appears on the screen.  I tried all DIP switch settings on the adapter 
(connected to Sun monitor sense lines).

- In desperation, connect monitor directly to HD15 port on the Belkin 
adapter:  Same thing.  Solid green LED, no display.

The same machine worked perfectly through an older 4-port Belkin unit 
(that I've outgrown, thus the 8-port).

What on earth am I missing here?  I don't even see a common denominator, 
but am hoping that someone more familiar with the details of Sun video can 
give me a nudge in the right direction.

On the subject of the Belkin KVM:  Is it possible that their "detection" 
is simply looking for a grounded pin or a pair of pins looped back by 
virtue of the computer being connected?  Maybe expecting a voltage?  If I 
could trick it into activating the port, I could just feed through from 
the 13W3 adapter and be done with it.  Naturally Belkin's site has no 
information at this low level of detail...



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