Help with Sun video

Ray Arachelian ray at
Tue Oct 28 18:50:06 CDT 2008

Steven Hirsch wrote:
> It connects to all of the above. I've already heard from just about
> everyone (thanks!) that the +5V keyboard power is what it's looking
> for to activate the port in the first place.  One of the things I want
> to run through it is video from one of my Amigas, so it appears I'll
> need to build up a little 5V supply with a keyboard connector that I
> can use to fool that port (since the Amiga 1200 has its own keyboard
> and mouse).

I would build a multi-headed cable with maybe say upto as many heads as
you might have non PC machines, then have one of them be a pass through
male-female plug.  You'd connect your real keyboard to the pass through,
then the other heads would only get the GND and +5V.  I don't think the
KVM draws power from the keyboard ports, it's probably only there as a
signal.  You could of course hook them up to a real power supply.

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