Stuff to get rid of in Bakersfield California

s shumaker shumaker at
Mon Sep 1 15:16:34 CDT 2008

Can you ship?

I'm unable to come pick it up (extended business trip back east) but if 
you can ship, I'd be interested in the Horizon and  whatever S100 stuff 
you'd like to  part with.  If you can ship, what would you have in mind 
cost wise for a total.

s shumaker
Boulder Creek, CA

David Griffith wrote:
> I have too much crap in my storage units and I need to get rid of one.
> I thought I'd be able to sell off this stuff on ebay, but I don't think I
> have the drive to deal with the volume I've amassed.  The highlights here
> are a Macintosh SE, a Northstar Horizon (missing the lid), several 8-inch
> floppy drives, assorted S100 cards, and lots of documentation.  I need to
> get rid of this stuff in a week and a half.

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