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Tue Sep 2 09:56:05 CDT 2008

On Tuesday 02 September 2008, Alan Perry wrote:
> My uncle, who develops compiler tools, insisted that, since I work
> for Sun, I take his 10-plus-year-old Sun h/w and s/w that has been
> sitting in his garage.  Figuring that I might be able to find a
> better home for it, I agreed.
> I haven't gone through all of it yet.  The most obvious thing in
> the boxes is media and documentation for Sun Workshop 7.0, C++
> compiler 4.2 and Java Workshop.
> There is Solaris 2.5.1 and 2.6 media and documentation.  I need to
> go through that to compare with what I already have.
> There is also a SparcStation 5, a 16" Sun monitor (the one with all
> of the display control buttons along the bottom), kbd, mouse, etc.
> However, I haven't had time to go through it and confirm that it
> works (though it should), what is in it as far as memory, disk,
> etc., and that it doesn't contain any of my uncle's business info. 
> Once I do, I will probably sell it (for whatever you can get for a
> SS5 these days).
> If you have an interest in any of this stuff, let me know.  I don't
> want it to get thrown out, but I don't really want it in my garage
> either.

If no one on this list takes the Sun goodies, you might want to 
contact the "Suns at home" list: suns-at-home at


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