Tube machine restoration (was Schematics of Atanasoff-Berry Computer logic circuits?)

Eric Smith eric at
Wed Sep 3 13:12:50 CDT 2008

Lyle Bickley wrote:
> The CHM Restoration Committee, some CHM PDP-1/IBM 1620 Restoration 
> Team Members (including myself) have a G-15 in the "short list" in 
> their thinking regarding potential restorations.
> If we obtained an additional G-15 from another source, that would 
> certainly be a factor in making such a decision.

If I recall correctly, the mounting frame of CHM's G-15 is seriously 
warped, perhaps as the result of the machine having been dropped at some 
point.  That doesn't bode well for getting the drum working.  Getting an 
additional G-15 may not just be a factor, but a requirement.


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